A webmaster operates a website on the Internet. Webmasters must constantly be aware of the website’s current condition to do their job properly. When something goes wrong with a website, such as a page suddenly disappearing, the webmaster is responsible for fixing the issue. For many large websites, including those for major corporations, this is a time-consuming job that involves accomplishing multiple tasks with available tools. In some cases, the webmaster may also own the site. For large companies, however, the webmaster usually only serves as the curator of the website.

Most webmasters also create the design and coding for a website. Creating a design relies on the webmaster’s ability to use a graphics editing program to invent an original design. Once the design is complete, the site manager must develop the coding for the site by using a program or writing it by hand. Webmasters must also strive to make the site’s design accessible in multiple browsers.

Websites can suffer a number of errors and unexpected disasters. Fortunately, webmasters have a number of good tools available to help them deal with issues. For example, a website sometimes receives a sudden rush of traffic, causing the server to crash and the site to no longer be accessible. The webmaster must figure out what went wrong and work with the web hosting company to restore service. In other situations, webmasters can usually take care of issues without help from the web hosting company. A webmaster can usually track down a broken link by using the default web hosting control panel or by directly connecting to the site through a file transfer client.

Additionally, the webmaster of a site usually serves as the public face of the website. When a website visitor sends an email with a technical question or constructive criticism, it usually goes directly to the webmaster. If the webmaster doesn’t own the site, he must stay in constant contact with the true owner of the website. For example, when the head of a company wants a change to the company’s website, she can talk to the webmaster about the proposed changes.