There are countless number of fonts available to download and use on the web. Graphic designers and hobbyists make new font designs everyday. A quick search on the Internet will show the vast array of custom fonts available for download. Each font, both standard and custom, differ in their quality and style. A good font will feature consistency between the letter forms, a full font family and clear readability. The most popular web fonts feature each of these professional characteristics.


Out of all the fonts, Helvetica is probably the most popular. You will see it featured on a variety of pages throughout the web. Its popularity comes from its versatility. When Helvetica is featured on a modern, minimalist website, it fits in perfectly. However, you can also place it on a classical website and find that it fits in perfectly there too. This chameleon characteristic of the font face makes it a popular choice for web designers.


Caslon is another popular font and has been around for several centuries. Since its creation in 1722, Caslon has been a top choice from typesetters to web designers. Much like Helvetica, it is versatile. You can use it as a header or body and get a clean, professional look.


If you’re looking for a high-quality, more traditional font, Baskerville is the way to go. It is renowned for its readability because of the consistency and clarity of its letterforms. Throughout the years it has been used in books, newsletters and newspapers because it works wonderfully as body copy. Adapted for the web, many designers love the traditional feel and use it in their designs.

Times New Roman

Anyone that has been in school or been around the web for any time has heard of this typeface. It is one of the most popular fonts used both online and offline. Because of its ubiquity, web designers use this font in places where fonts can’t be embedded. This go-to-font has also served as the basis for many new fonts. While it can be used as a header, it is best suited for website body copy.

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