Despite the 2008 recession, the gaming industry and its customer base has grown exponentially. People still enjoy playing computer games and spend money for this activity. Explaining the popularity of specific computer games is a different story. Best-selling items are often not the same as the best-reviewed ones, but the two categories tend to track one another very closely. The reviewers for the big gaming magazines and webzines tend to be the same people who play them, unlike other fields of interest.

The three most popular computer games on Amazon include Sleeping Dogs, The Borderlands 2 Season Pass, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Sleeping Dogs is a new game released in August 2012. The plot follows an undercover police officer infiltrating the Triads gangs in Hong Kong. The Borderlands 2 Season Pass is actually an addition to Borderlands 2. Borderlands 2 combines first-person shooter and role-playing aspects in an over-the-tip cartoon style. Finally, XCOM: Enemy Unknown deals with a worldwide alien invasion. This game is a reboot of the popular XCOM series from the 1990s. XCOM and Borderlands were both praised by reviewers for the developers’ commitment to making a better game. Compliments abounded on style, substance and mechanics. Sleeping Dogs was specifically highlighted for its in-game diversions like karaoke, excellent voice acting and a suspenseful story.

Browsergames have also become popular because they are played inside an Internet browser. All the gamer has to do is download the game and start playing. Many of these browsergames are available along with other top games at Some of the most popular browsergames are massively multiplayer online role-playing games or MMORPGs. The convenience and ease of starting a game inside a browser makes this category quite popular. Computer and video gaming is one of the top activities for members of younger generations, particularly males, although females are no slouches themselves in this department. This phenomenon is here to stay. As graphics gets better, the immersive gaming environment will become ever more enticing.